As a nation we are renowned for our love of animals. We regard our pets as part of the family and give them the same love and care as we do our children. At Easi Pet we understand and therefore offer a comfortable door to door* pet transportation service ensuring that each pet receives the individual attention it deserves.
Your best friend will travel in comfort. There is no divide between our couriers and our passengers. It is important that all pets are in full view at all times.

- Our UK - Europe vehicles are all covered by full European warranty back up break down service.
- Privacy glass and opening windows

- Front and rear separately operated air conditioning/heating systems with temperature control.

Your pets are in good hands. You will receive regular updates on our progress and how your pets are travelling. We provide the mobile contact numbers for the persons taking care of your pets.

Safety and comfort We provide approved pens to ensure that your pets travel both safely and comfortably.
There are frequent stops for walks throughout the journey. During the summer months the daytime walks are shorter with longer walks in the evening when cooler. All dogs are walked individually and kept on the lead. For our feline travellers we also provide pens complete with litter tray. We ensure that cats do not have visual contact with our canine passengers. We do not agree with the use of tranquilizers or sedatives as these can do more harm than good.

The welfare of all animals in our care is priority at all times. In the event of a medical emergency all vehicles carry a list of vets en route.




- Excellent service throughout Europe, specialising in France, Italy and Spain.

- Fantastic reputation

- Committed to animals

- Reliable

- Established and long serving company

- Passionate about pets

- We strive to give top quality service

- All vehicles checked by Freight Transport Association

- Easi Pet are DEFRA compliant

- Alternate weeks to and from the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca

- Complete door to door service or pre determined meeting points

- Approved travel containers provided

- Regular updates given throughout the journey


*Please note 'door to door' excludes rural 'campo' areas and fincas with 'off road' access. In these cases owners will be asked to meet the vehicle nearer to the main route or nearest town as it is extremely unfair for our other 'passengers' to be driving for hours up and down inland tracks.




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